May 3, 2012
My Thoughts On 50 Shades of Grey.

So, last night I was watching TV and I saw that channel 3 News would be doing a story on what reading the 50 Shades of Grey series says about what women in America actually want. To me, it’s not difficult. They say that this book is racy, and taboo, and blah blah blah - simply because it involves BDSM. Well, anyhoo this is what I feel it “says” about us and what we want.

We want to be FUCKED. HardOften. By someone who knows how, someone who loves us deeply, & who we love deeply in return. Someone who not only knows what they’re doing from a technical stand point, but a person who can show us something we would’ve had no idea we could enjoy so much. Now, as a woman, I can appreciate the need for love making, and the slow, sensuality of it. But if you happen to be with someone who just knows that the penis is inserted into the vagina until ‘completion’ - well, that shit, frankly - gets old. We’re women, we love to have fun, we’re also curious - about everything - which leads to trouble most of the time. But when I read about those silver balls, and spankings for disobeying, I won’t lie I was squirming in my seat. The idea thrills me. Erotic spankings? I’d check yes in that box any day. I’d say we love these books because they are an escape from the every day. Who wouldn’t want a disgustingly handsome, philanthropic, man with “more money than sense” to fall in love with them? He has flaws, because we all do. Women need someone to take care of - that’s what this character needs, someone to take care of him. As women, we want to fulfil that role while simultaneously being forced to cum with a riding crop, or from the man only touching your nipples. Like I said, my personal favorite are the silver balls inserted into the vag coupled with a good spanking. That shit is fucking golden. 

We want to be kissed. Hard. Often. Passionately. Fucking EVERYWHERE. For all of Christian Grey’s “kinky fuckery”, the character is so sweet sometimes. Kisses on the forehead, nose, etc. He loves her, whole heartedly, recklessly, and without fail. Yes, he gets mad and wants to beat the shit out of her with a belt, but he won’t. Because she left once, and he wouldn’t survive it again.

I know I get really into it, and talk about these characters as if they were real. But that’s because they mean so much to me. I’ve been reading Twilight fan-fiction for about 5 years now. I probably read this, which was originally, Master Of The Universe about 3-4 years ago. I loved it then, I own them now. I’m so proud that someone from my nerdy underground has been published. I know people say that it’s poorly written, but that’s their opinion, and that’s fine. I just absolutely adore it. I’m not into the “lifestyle,” I own a pair of purple hand cuffs that are currently collecting dust on my vanity haha. 

So, excuse the rambling - I just saw the thing on the news and they made it seem like reading this book is the key to some God awful secret about what women really want. We don’t want to be beaten, or anything like that. We just want to be loved. Hard. Often. Recklessly, Passionately. Without fail or exception. Forever.

Thanks for reading my crazy ass inner monologue. 

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